Law Approves Banks to Seize Your Accounts

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The Federal Government via the Dodd Frank Act,  allows "Too Big To Fail" banks and financial institutions to seize your Deposits and bail out themselves. This means your cash becomes their assets, and your deposit loses its FDIC insurance. 

You are defenseless against this law. Therefore protecting your assets outside of banks now, is crucial for your hard earned money to be immune from any form of confiscation. 

Your Deposits To Be Seized!

You must be wondering what does that mean? Well, it means that next time banks fail, your deposits will be seized to bail out themselves. You will become a shareholder instead of a depositor and your deposit will lose its FDIC insurance. 

The 2008 financial crisis deemed to be very costly for the Government after President Obama bailed out the "Too Big To Fail Financial Institutions". Therefore, with an executive order, the Dodd-Frank Act was born removing any future burdens off the government shoulders by allowing banks to confiscate your money for the sake of their own survival.   

Your fate should be in your own hands and not government and/or banks. Act now and protect yourself .

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The Law That Allows Banks To Seize Your Hard Earned Money

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